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At Latin Canal Productions, we are champions of Latino cultural diversity, capturing its essence in modern film, television, and commercials crafted for an American audience. Our skilled team thrives on transforming visions into impactful productions, undeterred by the scale or complexity. We dedicate ourselves to the creation of genuine, engrossing narratives that not only reverberate with our viewers but also augment the representation of Latin culture in contemporary media.

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Inclusivity and Diversity

Our production company is dedicated to weaving diverse perspectives and cultural backgrounds into compelling visual narratives. With a passion for authentic representation in various formats, we elevate underrepresented voices, creating unforgettable stories that resonate with audiences. Our commitment to inclusivity and diversity transcends boundaries, inspiring change in the industry and beyond.

"It was an absolute delight collaborating with the team at LatinCanal for our Esthetique video commercial. Their work surpassed all expectations, leaving me thoroughly impressed."

Visuals that tell your story with impact.

At LatinCanal, we specialize in crafting captivating visuals that effectively convey your unique story. Our skilled team of professionals is committed to delivering exceptional results, utilizing innovative techniques to bring your vision to life. Whether it’s a commercial, TV series, or full-length feature, we take pride in producing authentic content that engages your audience with stunning impact.


Boost brand visibility with captivating ads expertly crafted, from concept development to final edit, for maximum impact.


Produce engaging TV content, including series and documentaries, with top-notch storytelling, visuals, and industry-leading techniques.


Bring cinematic visions to life with our full-spectrum production process, encompassing scriptwriting, directing, and post-production mastery.


Enhance digital presence with concise, powerful videos tailored for social media, web, and mobile platforms.

Live Events

Immortalize conferences, ceremonies, or product launches with high-quality video coverage, preserving every memorable moment.

Music Video

Elevate musicians’ artistry through visually stunning and creative video expression, synchronized to sonic brilliance.


The Excellence of Creations

Explore our diverse collection of masterfully produced content, showcasing our expertise across various genres and industries, highlighting the innovative vision and exceptional craftsmanship we consistently deliver.

Coming Soon

Feature Film: Cash Only

In Cash Only, an audacious young woman who grew up loving mafia movies defies odds, outwitting the Las Vegas mafia with her ingenious counterfeit casino cash scheme. With her sights set on becoming the next mob queen, she orchestrates America’s boldest con. Our team masterfully crafted this riveting tale from concept to screenplay, delivering a captivating teaser and devising a meticulous business plan and budget.


EcoVessel: Karat Earth Sustainable Journey

Karat Earth, a prominent food and beverage container manufacturer, sought to highlight their commitment to community, sustainability, and eco-friendly products. We artfully crafted a compelling commercial, weaving together their conscientious mission and innovative, green product line, captivating audiences and enhancing their brand’s environmental ethos.


Popping Pearls Unveiled: A Lollicup Taste-Test Adventure

In our captivating commercial for Lollicup Boba Shops, we assembled a diverse focus group experiencing the delight of popping pearls for the first time. Showcasing genuine reactions in this YouTube taste-test video, we captured the excitement and joy of participants discovering the unique flavors and textures, creating an engaging and authentic advertisement that resonated with viewers.


Crafting the Altomayo Peruvian Milled Coffee Commercial

Our team at Latin Canal Productions brought the authentic flavor of Altomayo’s 100% Natural Peruvian Milled Coffee to life through a visually stunning commercial. We meticulously captured the essence of this premium product, highlighting its origins, craftsmanship, and rich taste. From concept development to post-production, our team’s passion for storytelling and attention to detail ensured a captivating advertisement that resonated with coffee enthusiasts worldwide.

Acclaim for Our Creative Endeavors

I had the incredible opportunity to work with this exceptional video production team for my music video. As a Latin musician, their innate understanding of my culture and style elevated the visuals, capturing the essence of my music flawlessly. I couldn't be happier with the results, and I highly recommend their services to any artist seeking a truly unique and engaging video

Alfonso Lora Musician

I had the privilege of working with Latin Canal Productions while developing my comedy film. Their comprehensive approach and expertise in assembling a compelling pitch package, from logline to financing plan, were truly invaluable. They not only grasped my vision but also significantly enhanced its marketability. I am genuinely grateful for their contribution and wholeheartedly recommend their services for anyone seeking to bring their movie concept to life.


Working with Latin Canal Productions on the development of my father's story into a treatment and film package was an incredible experience. Their team exhibited remarkable sensitivity and insight, capturing the essence of the narrative while elevating it for the screen. They guided me through the process with expertise, ensuring that the final result resonated emotionally while remaining marketable. I am immensely grateful for their dedication and creative vision and highly recommend their services for anyone seeking to bring their story to life.

Drew Christian Videographer

    Dedicated for life.

    Discover our diverse, minority-owned production company’s talented members, uniting unique skills for storytelling excellence. Together, we create captivating narratives championing authentic representation, inspiring audiences worldwide.

    Joey Perez p.g.a.


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    Veronica Blanco


    Oswaldo Gutierrez


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    Dive into Voices Unbound, our engaging blog and entertainment news section that highlights the latest industry updates, captivating stories, and unique perspectives from diverse creators. As a minority-driven platform, we celebrate inclusivity and authentic representation in film, television, and creative production. Stay informed and inspired with content that transcends boundaries and champions diversity

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    Latin Canal was founded by Latinos who fell in love with Latin American content and believed we needed more of it. 



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